The studio is prepared for reverberation absorption via surrounding heavy tissue drapes, and it is located on a concrete basement. 

Cabling systems are conducted via prepared pathways and stage boxes ensures minimizing of floor cabling. 

Lights and power supply is controlled via T7 automation systems, 2 light towers ensures creation of alternative atmospheres as well as practical lightning as desired. 

Air conditioned, comfort fans, air exhaust and renovation circuits ensure the right atmosphere for the musicians and technicians.

Heart of the system

Mac PowerPC Dual G5, 5Gb Ram, Hi Speed HD’s

Logic Pro, Final Cut Studio, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Etc...

Motu 2408 8 Channel Digitizer

Motu 24 Channel Expansion

Motu Midi Hub

Professional Audio Workstation Yamaha AWE 4416

Nexia Professional DSP matrix

Fujitsu PC for Lightning and Nexia DSP matrix Control

Mackie control surface + Makie Extender

Ediroll Headphones Controller

8 x Sennheiser HeadPhones


2 x Alesis Mixdown Amplified Monitors

2 x ElectroVoice Monitors

Crest Audio 2x 700W Amplifier


Keyboard Piano Rolland RD700

Keyboard Synthesizer Rolland JP8000

Keyboard Rolland EM10

Micro Kontrol Midi Controller

Drums Kit TD-3 - 5 x 2 + TD80 Snare


4 Mics Sure

1 Mic AKG

Bass Guitar Fender 4s

Bass Guitar Aria 5s

Bass Jazz Guitar Fender 4s

Acoustic Steel Electric Guitar Godin

Acoustic Nylon Electric Guitar Yamaha

Acoustic Steel Electric Guitar Yamaha

Electric Guitar Jackson

Pan Flute Yamaha Silver

Trumpet Yamaha

Groove Box 909

Groove Box 505


Bells and many other stuff not worth to mention...

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