VIKTOR (founder, owner)

Viktor  = Vitor Hugo F. Marques

Born: Lisbon, 17 April 1961

Occupation: Entrepreneur, One and associated companies

Musical Influences: Pink Floyd; Marillion; LightHouse Family.

band://Founder; Investor; Producer; Sound Engineer; Lyricist; Composer; Bass, Guitar, Piano, Flute player; Marketing; Web designer; Photographer... Uff.

.as viktor

end of 2012, João Simões sends me a photo of myself driving a DJ turntable "DJ viktor", he wrote. I liked the name and am using it for my art projects.

viktor has many artistic faces as some of my friends know me, per order:


viktor music
viktor photo
viktor works

viktor arts (a full site dedicated to this adventures)

all of them worth what they worth, while I love to do music, it is not the thing that pays my bills, neither the photography, an old love wich in the past did payed my bills.

I pay my bills from technology companies, while exploring business in general like real estate, F&B, and any profitable project that can be handled by the business struture up and running.

there is some shy on doing so many things, but Leonardo da Vinci also did and was recognized as a scientis, asrtist, painter, inventor….

in dificult business times, my efforts are strongly pointed to arts while the sand storm goes by.

about Jack’s Life Project, a band project, actually OneShotMusic, after a distraction caused us the loss of the domain, was born from the will to make music, to build something aside my business life achievements.

The idea of creating an album telling the story of a ordinary guy, from spermatozoid to elder gave me ground and enthusiasm to pursue a real and complex personal challenge: Learn music, be creative, join and manage a musical group, put up all the necessary structure to create, perform, record and edit an album. All of that by itself was challenging.

My multitude of skills are a gift and a burden. I end up composing, writing the lyrics, being the studio recording manager and technician, the web site publisher, well... doing it all. Even so, I enjoyed doing it, sincerely hoping you like the results.

At the date of writing these words, I have more then 2 years working on this project as an hobby at first, latter assumed as a professional project despite the poor or null finantial results.

Worth to mention is that Zeh (José Simões) has been during the project, a mutual discovery and a major help. He started as my piano teacher but soon he joined the project, bringing a lot of added value not only in musical knowledge but also as a incentive to move forward.

The album is finished and published here mainly, far from perfection is what was possible to do. It will be very rewarding if some of you guys like it.

VIKTOR, feb 2013

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