Deceased 30 July 2013

… 52 years old, after almost 3 long year fighting with a pancreas cancer, living everyday with extraordinary courage.

He was an important part of this project, as this project was also an important part of his life, enjoying each session, teaching us a life lesson: 

- enjoy what you have in life, you may loose it tomorrow…

Needless to say we miss him badly.

Viktor's tribute to a big a close friend…

A Separator


Born: 25/5/1959

Occupation: Sales/Retail Channel Manager, Sales Engineer at NFive Software, SA.

Musical Influences: Jan Akkerman, Neal Morse, Van der Graaf Generator

band://Guitar & Bass, synths, flute

Rui was the head start for a new season @, joined together with Vitor after some pause time and ramped up in its ability to play guitar enormously.

Word from the artist:

I'm thankful for the privileged times enjoyed at Studio1, getting along with for this last year and a half. 

Friendship, science conversations, sincere laughing and a lot of groovy musical moments grow easy in this high-tech environment. Pure pleasure. I know I'm a little undisciplined as a musician, so I'm glad you guys can put up with me. All the best.

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