space project

space project is a unfinished project. 

a space trip, somewhere in 22 century, where the "cars" can travel across the galaxy

the trips starts in earth, the seed of the human race that colonized the galaxy like a plague

our hero, john, is a low profile guy that enjoys the trip with a peacfull spirit visiting the several colonies, each one with it's own culture

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[01] journey starts (5:04)

john goes to the supermarket, fils up the fuel cell and buys supplies. gets in the "car" and takes off, crossing the north pole to see the magnetic reflections on earth atmosphere, sets course to mars and rest his feet on the control panel relxing and enjoying the first thousand kilometers to mars where he set course

[02] mars (4:38)

landing on mars, a mining military colony, the first planet colonized by human race by the military structure, once powerfull thus with the means for the huge saga it represented at the time, now specialized on industrial mining given n more wars exists

[03] europa (3:52)

the jupiter moon, 2nd stage of terraforming techniques come out to be a beatifull planet, colorfull and the first to be colonized with no wars on a clean culture of wellbeing and healthy minds

[04] fusion (3:36)

an outpost, zillions of tons of steel creating a 3d planet where the core is also populated in a mix of cultures and ideas.

[05 ] deep space (3:08)

out of the solar system, crossing the asteroid belt, stopping on a rock for a snack in desrt areas where some outcasts, shy families and pilgrims live sactered using portable terraforming buble devices

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