jack's life

Jack's Life

Ethereal Music

The 11 tracks of the album represent each one a certain period or a strong feeling of Jack’s life.

The album is based on the evolution of social life from offspring to elder, personified in Jack, a regular guy that was born naif and innocent, lives the different stages of a man’s life and reaches the end of his life wise, happy and calm as a hot sunset like the most of us would like.  

: : tracks : :

i like this rumble

i see light


teenager jack

first love

got first job

my first car

like i feel today

round cafe

better then never



Time: 3 years; Passion: 3 tons; Social understanding: 2 tons; Guys: 4 Fixed and lots of friends; Whisky: 24 boxes of bottles that we can remember; Tea: 7 bags; Studio: One; Styles: Rock, pop, ballad, dance = Ethereal.


Headaches; Misunderstandings of life; Lack of life joy; Fun; Psychological comfort; Depressions; Music lovers; Couples, singles, divorced and widows; Straight, gays and lesbians; Young and elder.


Minimum recommended dose are 3 full auditions over 3 days. Do not ear it more than 6 times a day, it may become addictive. For extended treatments make a week pause every month. Not recommended for dead people.


Jack’s life is the first work of cats.pt, a mix of music styles. 

Jack’s Life Story, the album, the project, started early 2004, comprises 11 tracks.  Each of the tracks has a story to tell and its own particular lyrics that reflect either a stage of Jack’s Life or a certain milestone of its existence. 

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