bits (collection)

2009 : : "bits" is a compilation of all works by as a band, viktor (vitor marques) as an individual, there is a mix of styles and no defined project, just a colletion of works done.


: : super : :

flying over

nostalgy, viktor alone in mutiple tracks, piano, bass and multiple guitars, reflecting the emotion of a stage of his life.


just beautiful, composer and bass = viktor, guitar, iin 4 tracks, tiago monteiro, an old theme from viktor saved for one of this occasions. the track as been recorded in one night, first shot.

: : tiago : :

fado barata

tiago monteiro recorded in a snap a fado dedicated to his friend, ricardo barata, as a birthday present

: : super, portuguese : :

tão perto do mar

voice = pedro letras; lyrics = pedro alves; composer, guitars = viktor. about living in the city and moving to ericeira

a noite

voice, guitar = pedro letras; lyrics = alice; composer, guitars, bass, piano = viktor; guitar solo = tiago monteiro. about living in the city and moving to ericeira and enjoying this betifull village

: : viktor @ garage band : :

a set of tracks made @ home mostly by viktor along the last few years

the fly of the albatross

the forest

the river

the crickets

the gymn

where am i

living everyday

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