arizona films

A video content producer company. During the year of 2013 invited me to perform for some of their projects.

2013 : : demónios (deamons)

movie music… Arizona invited me to create music for a movie project titled  “demónios” in portuguese, meaning “deamons”. 

The story is about a demoniac couple, with lots of sex and dayly fights, something quite familiar in that particular stage of my life. 

After reading the movie script come out  with the opening title, fabulous in my opinion, together with my great friend Rui Arruda and later on with Nilton.

opening title

2013 : : today's menu

music for a culinary TV series “prato do dia”, suposed to be the generic track for the show, delivered but I don’t think it was used.


intro - portuguese guitar

long version

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